Gavia Libraria

Lie down with dogs…

… don’t complain when you find fleas in your feathers.

Open Access Week announced the other day that one of their sponsors this year will be InTech.

This InTech. The only company ever to have the supposed “watchdog” organization OASPA (slack and lackadaisical though OASPA’s watchdogging has been thus far) tell it to get OASPA’s logo off its website.

Really, OA Week? Really? Someone thought this was a good idea? Or even an acceptable one?

The lure of lucre is strong; the Loon understands that. The Loon wonders unhappily whether OA Week will even survive if taking money from InTech becomes a scandal, however. If big-pig publishing is good at anything (note the conditional), it’s leaping on the slightest chance to stain open access’s character.