Gavia Libraria

Loonly librarianship

A philosophy-of-librarianship meme is making the rounds, and who is the Loon to decline a meme?

The Loon believes:

  • A library that cannot muster a considered response to changes (social, legal, financial, technological) in its environment is not a library, but a mausoleum.
  • A librarian who does not learn about, and thoughtfully reconsider her praxis in light of, changes (social, legal, financial, technological) in the library’s environment is not a librarian, but a zombie.
  • Libraries and librarians have duties that extend beyond their local patron bases. Collectively, we are the voice of the poor, the young, and those desirous of learning, in societies that prefer to ignore or exploit those voices.
  • Libraries are the RAM of the human race. (Archives and museums are its hard drive.)
  • Libraries are and have always been active exploiters and preservers of the most advanced information technologies their societies have to offer—even when that was the papyrus roll.

Fiat sapientia.