Gavia Libraria

The right questions

By coincidence, today the Loon’s feedreader showed her this psychologist asking about the APA’s attitude toward open access just above this folklorist asking how much of his umbrella discipline’s journal output is owned by the big-pigs.

The Loon wanted to climb up on shore and dance, despite her awkward body configuration making her a terrible dancer. These? These are the right questions, asked by the right people.

(Librarians are not the right people. The Loon, too, wishes they were. The cold fact is, though, librarians have been asking and answering these questions for a quarter-century, only nobody listens. Rodney Dangerfield profession, the Loon declares.)

The Loon won’t spoil the moment by pointing out that the APA has been anti-open-access for years, as anyone paying the least attention would know. They’re starting to pay attention now, the right people are. That’s progress.