Gavia Libraria

Well. How curious.

The link to ACRL’s website that formerly housed the conference paper the Loon called “repulsive” in a previous post has 404ed.

Well. How curious. The Loon hopes this is a temporary blip. (And she’s not prepared to say Gavia Libraria caused the change! Website management is a thing, sometimes. Besides, Gavia Libraria is a backwater.)

Assuming that this was indeed a blip, such that no one is sneakily trying to redact the professional record, the Loon has posted the copy she downloaded from ACRL to Gavia Libraria for the continued edification of its readers, and will update the previous post to point to this copy.

If someone closer to the ACRL website would like to explain what happened, the comments are open. The Loon thanks the individual who let her know about the broken link in good time to rectify it.

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