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Elsevier editorial boards: The Journal of Academic Librarianship

A commenter suggested that a useful response to the SOPA and RWA situation is to name folks currently donating labor to Elsevier journals, in hopes that their colleagues can quietly (and politely, please!) hint to them that endorsing Elsevier is a less than wholly well-considered stance just now.

Fair enough. Editorial boards are public record.

The Loon suggests that the individuals on Elsevier’s boards have several ethical options, in increasing order of desirability:

  • Express opposition to SOPA and RWA in an editorial inside the journal, calling upon Elsevier to change its stance and lobbying practices
  • Make a public statement opposing Elsevier’s stance on SOPA and RWA, calling attention to it within Elsevier as well
  • Leave the editorial board, individually or in a collective declaration of independence, and explain both publicly and privately why

Normally the Loon wouldn’t suggest that researchers outside the United States have any reason to bother with US law, but this situation is an outlier; SOPA in particular has potentially heinous repercussions for libraries and higher-education institutions worldwide.

The Loon will begin with The Journal of Academic Librarianship. Editorial-board members leaving this board may wish to contribute labor to College and Research Libraries or Portal: Libraries and the Academy instead (other journal suggestions welcome in the comments).

  • Scott Seaman, Ohio University
  • Geoffrey Little, Concordia University
  • Rowena Cullen, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Leslie Stebbins, Harvard University
  • Christopher Stewart, Dominican University
  • Cecelia M. Brown, University of Oklahoma
  • Joan Cheverie, Georgetown University
  • John-Bauer Graham, Jacksonville State University
  • Rosemary Meszaros, Western Kentucky University
  • Danuta Nitecki, Drexel University
  • Carolyn Radcliff, Kent State University
  • James Sweetland, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Wyoma van Duinkerken, Texas A&M University
  • A. Young, Sycamore IL (can anyone identify this person more specifically?)
  • Diane Zabel, Penn State University
  • Christy Zlatos, Washington State University

The Loon hopes to do one or two journals per day, starting with the ones she believes most influential. Help would be enormously appreciated.

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