Gavia Libraria

The behemoth stirs

Open access discourse has been a library-led industry for quite some time. When faculty appeared in it, the handful of Usual Suspects aside, it was generally in soundbite or supportive-one-page-letter form.

No more. No more. The sleeping faculty behemoth stirs, much to the Loon’s delight. She has never seen so much talk about journal-access issues and big-pig publisher practices as she’s seeing now. Better yet, she’s seeing it across the disciplines, no more of this “but our journals aren’t expensive!” point-missing from the humanities.

Yes, indeed, much of the current discourse is eyerollingly ignorant. That’s all right. Ignorance can be corrected; its anodyne is interest, and suddenly that’s there.

Far too many links and tweets to count (glory!), so for those who haven’t been watching, this is a good place to get the gist.

The Loon hasn’t felt so optimistic about change in the scholarly-communication system in years.