Gavia Libraria


The Loon is not in Budapest. She wouldn’t be surprised (disappointed, but not surprised) to learn that one doesn’t invite mere librarians—certainly not librarians under the exalted rank of AUL—to such things. Déclassé, don’t you know. Besides, they can’t hold their liquor.

(Jealous? The Loon? Well… in this case… yes, rather. All right, fine, quite a lot jealous, are you satisfied? And yes, the Loon is always this sulky a bird.)

Ten years. The Loon has been active in open access for nearly seven of those ten (nearly all ten, if one counts her library-school days), which honestly blows her tiny mad mind all to bits and flinders.

She doesn’t know that she accomplished much of anything. She certainly hasn’t accomplished as much as she wanted to (though bruised ideals are nothing new in librarianship, goodness knows). But seven years of an active and activist professional life are not entirely to be sneered at, even if they did boil away to nothing like a single raindrop on a car left in the summer sun.

Today, ten years after the Budapest Open Access Initiative, the Loon lifts a virtual poppyseed strudel (it’s good; try it!) to all the other forgotten footsoldiers of open access, the librarians especially. We need it more than those of you swanning about on the river Duna.