Gavia Libraria

On “success”

Many excellent musings regarding success and its challenges, in and outside library programs and services, have been posted of late. The Loon’s birdbrain has been analyzing them in a steady background process, but it is likely to be some time before results are returned.

Rather than lose them entirely, then, a linklist:

  • Miriam Posner on difficulties in ginning up digital-humanities services in libraries
  • Wayne Bivens-Tatum on the dangerous line between service and servility
  • Forbes on RIM’s slow demise and how much of it is traceable to unchallengeable management assumptions (money quote: “disruption is a failure of leadership more than innovation”)
  • Similarly, Fortune Tech on Hewlett-Packard hitting the skids (warning: lengthy but all-too-fascinating)
  • Soren Kaplan on how “misuse” and ignored markets can be the seeds of the next smash-hit product or service