Gavia Libraria

Job well done

Last year, when labor-boycotting Elsevier was the order of the day, the Loon called on editorial boards of Elsevier’s library-related journals to take a stand.

They didn’t. All that happened was a librarian friend of Elsevier hassling the Loon in comments and threatening a doxxing via email.

So it is with no small pleasure that the Loon notes the mass resignation of an editorial board from the Taylor & Francis Journal of Library Administration. The Loon has tangled with T&F before, and found them bureaucratic and intransigent, and the less said about their attitude to open access, the better.

Well done, members of the former board. Thank you. May many more follow your example.

(And a note to the Ubiquitous Librarian: good pieces by good authors have a way of finding homes. The Loon would bet quite a stack of fish those articles will see the light of day yet.)