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Your candidate pools

The Loon is soon to vacate her home pond for a time, between the academic year winding down and the summer teaching load gearing up. She’ll be back.

In the meantime, briefly… she notes that library schools are a favorite target whenever a library search committee is seeing a thinner or less exciting candidate pool than they would wish. Those damned library schools, they never do train the right people in the right things.

The Loon would like to put forward an alternate explanation, based on what she knows of the employment destinies of some of her best graduates this year.

The Loon’s best computer programmer has accepted a job at a local startup, notably after working for a time in the university library’s development department and not liking it one little bit. The Loon’s best data curator will be working in industry. Her best youth librarian will join an established educational-technology firm. Her best manager is going to one of the area’s largest private employers, and not its library or records-management division.

Sometimes libraries escape the exodus only because desirable MLS graduates don’t want to work in them in the first place. The Loon admits that she sometimes fosters that very outcome, when it seems best for the students in question… and she’s not particularly sorry.

If you want the Loon’s best students in your hiring pools, librarianship, kindly convince the Loon and her students that you deserve them.

2 thoughts on “Your candidate pools

  1. john fink

    Hey Loon,

    Could you tell me more about why your programmer found working in the library not to their liking? As a manager of programmers, I want to make sure what happened to your student doesn’t happen to mine.

    1. Library Loon Post author

      The specific issue was complete lack of direction… but the department in question is deeply dysfunctional generally, in large part for reasons beyond its control.