Gavia Libraria

Electronic textbooks and iBooks

The Loon ventured a prediction a while ago that “the entire e-textbook-platform sector isn’t terribly long for this world.”

A print-textbook incumbent just bought one of the more aggressive e-textbook platforms, which sold itself partly due to disappointing revenue. Possibly the most aggressive such platform, in fact; certainly the name the Loon heard most often.

If the Loon had made that prediction in one of her year-end prediction posts, she’d be giving herself half a point already. iBooks hasn’t managed to die yet, but if it’s a roaring success, it’s a silent one even for notoriously-silent Apple.

The Loon has substantially stopped worrying about big textbook subscription deals; those who went whole-hog for them had that promptly blow up in their faces, and few were that credulous to begin with. (The Loon claims no credit for either outcome.) The Loon’s energy is better spent encouraging open-textbook creation and adoption, which is proceeding at a rather gratifying pace.