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Ada Lovelace Day: Cecily Walker

On this Ada Lovelace Day, the Loon would like to praise the work and writing of Vancouver librarian, web designer and developer, and usability/UX expert Cecily Walker.

Web-librarian jobs tend to sprawl all over the place, as few libraries and library systems have the luxury of an entire web team. Ms. Walker’s professional trajectory is no exception. She has designed for and managed sites on wildly different content-management systems (as well as static sites), and in the meantime, has taken on management and training responsibilities. When the Loon says that librarianship often contains foxes as well as hedgehogs, Ms. Walker is exactly the sort of multi-talented, multi-skilled fox-librarian she has in mind.

Ms. Walker’s unsparing honesty about herself and her environment shines through all her public writing. As the best technologists and librarians do, Ms. Walker regularly challenges herself, technically and in other ways, and generously writes about her experiences with those challenges in a way that the Loon personally finds enormously helpful and heartening. Ms. Walker is also a notable presence in ongoing efforts to improve librarianship in general and technology-focused librarianship specifically through greater diversity and safer, more welcoming environments for all librarians. Make no mistake, this too is technology work, and hard work at that.

The Loon has not uncommonly pointed students to Ms. Walker’s writing and social-media presences. Any students who come to resemble Ms. Walker are impressive students indeed, and all the Loon’s students are fortunate that she is their example.

4 thoughts on “Ada Lovelace Day: Cecily Walker

  1. Chicacisne

    I am inspired by the Loon and friends, as a new librarian and someone with a lot to learn about the profession and technology. Best regards from a bird of a different feather!