Gavia Libraria

Ada Lovelace Day: Ayla Stein

It is perhaps small surprise that the Loon should wish to honor Ayla Stein this Ada Lovelace Day, as Ms. Stein’s areas of expertise roughly parallel the Loon’s own. Ms. Stein, however, has done a great deal more with the expertise she has!

The breadth of Ms. Stein’s experience and professional service betokens a fearlessness the Loon wishes librarianship had much more of. In her mere half-decade since graduating school, Ms. Stein has added her energy and skill to data curation, data science, digital asset management, digital preservation, metadata and cataloging, public service… whatever comes next to the academic library, the Loon is entirely confident Ms. Stein will field it with her customary acumen.

Librarianship in general and library technology particularly are remarkably fortunate to boast Ms. Stein among their numbers. To her as well as to all and sundry, the Loon wishes a happy Ada Lovelace Day.